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Original - Flight of Five Lip Crayons

I am obsessed!!!!

These are amazing lip color crayons!! I love all the shades, especially ‘Wednesday’!!

The Color Palate is Amazing

I’m not a lipstick wearer. Never have been. But I have to say every color in this flight looks good on me :). Sent another set to my daughter in Boston. She has sent me a photo of herself each day and I have to say all the colors so far look great on her as well.

Vermouths creator is an artist. The colors work well for almost every skin tone. I am thrilled to find such a great set of lipsticks.

I think this would also be a great gift (that I would love to receive).

I’ve started wearing lipstick again.

I haven’t worn lipstick for years because every one I tried lost its colour, smeared on my teeth, or was gone within a short time leaving a strange stain on my lips. The new lipstick from Vermouth keeps its colour for the longest time, doesn’t smear and the colours are exciting and lively. They mix too, so you can find your own tones and experiment with new colours. Best of all, they’re vegan and not tested on animals. Pucker up and try Vermouth, you’ll love it!

Love the colors and the packaging!

I'm usually a one color person but this pack of 5 has been so much fun! While Thursday is my go to, I use all the colors - they blend so well I find myself creating my own palette based on event, time of day, clothing, and mood!!

surprisingly good!

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I ordered these. So far, I am very impressed with the colors, which run cooler/more neutral than I had anticipated. These all look very flattering on my skin tone. I have also been impressed with their longevity! Tuesday lasts and lasts: even though my coffee and lunch. These are very moisturizing and the texture is creamy without being too wet and slippery. I never have any issues with the color feathering or bleeding. Love it. Would definitely recommend.

Sustainable Lip, Amazing Colors

I've been looking for a sustainable Lip solution since beginning my plastic free journey in 2018. This is it.
I've been looking for lipstick that looked good and didn't ruin the skin since 1980. This is it!! Each play stick is better than the last, prefect compliment to my skin tone (and coffee stained teeth) . Even better they are buildable, my favorite is Friday with Wednesday in my bow.
The color doesn't transfer to your coffee cup and somehow stays on for hours. Xo.

Absolute brilliance!

I am AMAZED by these lipsticks! I've tried many other earth friendly lipsticks and they tend to be a bit dry but these are easy to put on and even moisturizing... AND they are SUCH FUN to apply and carry around in my pursue. I bought one set for myself and immediately bought 2 more for my girlfriends. Companies which actually do the work to find earth friendly ingredients and packaging MUST be rewarded and encouraged if we have any hope of making this planet livable for us and our kiddos. Cheers to the Vermouth team for taking the right strides as I know it's not easy!

Reminds me of when I was little

So my initial thoughts were that I wasn’t impressed. But when I tried them I actually really liked the feel of them and the way they go on my lips is lovely. They remind me of when I was a little girl. I love the playful memories these evoke as well as the playfulness of the concept itself. Having a day of the week is great I have literally chosen my lipstick based on that… and I’m wearing colors I haven’t worn since my 20s!

Really easy to wear, looks great

I love wearing Friday! It feels soothing and protective like a lip balm but looks like a million bucks.  It’s an easy bold color for someone like me who usually reaches for a neutral shade

Game changer!

I’m not a huge lipstick wearer, but Vermouth has changed the lipstick game for me. I find their lipsticks last the course and don’t smear off quickly. For the first time in ages I’ve had fun playing with the color pallet, blending different days and even daring to try bright red! Vermouth started a lipstick revolution!

Love them

As someone who seems to be allergic to everything I put on my face, thank god for Vermouth. What a delight when my first package arrived and I not only got to try five beautiful shades but I also had zero allergic reaction. I love everything about this lip color

the perfect wash of color

I’m wearing Tuesday today…it’s the perfect wash of color to make me look alive on my morning Zoom calls. Also, for someone who has never been super into being “precise” with makeup (I love the French girl approach), this product is great because it’s easy to layer depending on what kind of a look I’m going for and doesn’t require lip liner to stay in place. Anything I can do to cut down on my morning routine is a big bonus in my book

Loving these lipcrayons

Absolutely in love with these. They glide on so easily, the colour payoff is buildable and feels great to wear. Not drying, really comfortable. They all seem to suit me but Tuesday is my current choice. Love the packaging! Looks great on my dressing table.

Beautiful colors!

Really love these lipsticks. They are beautiful! But there are colors that I know I wouldn’t want to use so rather be able to buy individually.

Kiss my lips with Vermouth!

Love the colors and the weekday names. They are my new goto lip color. I wish Tuesday was a little more intense and for some reason it is the driest of the colors. The others, especially Wednesday and Friday are rich and moist. I have a little difficulty getting a single cylinder out of the container. My fingers are too thick to pick one out separately and they don’t fall out easily. Not sure of the solution but a tweak to packaging perhaps. Joanna Seattle

Love the packaging, texture, and durability

I started wearing my Vermouth last week. I love almost everything about this product! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I just wish the colors had a little more pop. They are very natural looking and pretty, but a little bland for my taste💜

Great product

The colors are sublime - good coverage, true shades, buildable and mixable. The product quality is exquisite. The eco-ethos is well-thought out. But it's clear this is a start up: multiple duplicate emails (from 2 different accounts) on the order progress, not labeling the two different flights when ordered together, having no options for capping a single shade and taking it with you (and there could be eco-options for that) and lord let us hope it's not a hot day as all 5 of them just got crushed in that little box and melted in your purse. As lovely as the lippies are, I won't order again. More than $50 for the functional product equivalent of 1 lipstick is a bit outrageous.

Vermouth Lipsticks

Love the colors and how long they last. You need a cap or something so you can take a color with you when you go out. Too dry and they break when you use them.