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Just in love with the travel tube!

Now I can bring my Vermouth with me everywhere! Great color and staying power.

Great colors

Fun to wear!

Compliments on Wednesday red.

Rec’d a number of compliments on Wednesday red but harder to wear the lighter and more neutral tones. It takes some effort to apply those shades, but love the brighter shades. Will buy again.

The perfect lip colors

These lip crayons layer beautifully, feel great, and last for hours. I love getting to wear a different subtle color each day.

Most Excellent

Love the depth of color, durability + mixing capabilities! It sets sort of matte but doesn’t dry out lips. Turning into my favorite daily wear!

genius! so handy! protects the lip crayon, saves space in purse..


Unexpectedly wonderful gem

I bought this on a whim (Facebook found me). I loved the idea of a tinted lip balm. When it arrived I was plently surprised that the recyclable packaging was really sturdy. The lip balm didn't smush at the bottom of my make up bag. The color was warm but still transluscent enough that it didn't feel like a dramatic color. The balm was fantastic. I live in Colorado and my lips are always chapped. This helps with the chapping and makes me feel like my face is "finished". Win-Win.

Doesn't melt in my briefcase!

I travel for work, often to hot climates, and just returned from a week in Los Angeles. I love my Beach Reads set so much that I had been carrying the whole set in my briefcase, but recently switched to bringing just to on-the-go tube and it worked perfectly. It is so light, easy to transport, doesn't get squished AND it doesn't melt, which is so important when working in parts of the country where it can get pretty hot. I love to pop on a bit of color right after lunch and that color stays with me until I get home at night. Love Vermouth and I have sent Beach Reads to two of my sisters as well.

Novel + new favorite

Love the plastic free packaging, and daily color choices! So novel + new favorite of mine, definitely!


I just received my second order. I am excited about the travel tube. If you sold Monday from the original pallet in a to-go-tube, I would purchase several.

Feel and look great

Buildable, soft, great color. I love wearing them.
The vermouth team was also super kind, quick, and helpful when I needed them.

wonderful gift

i love the little on-the-go tube! it's perfect to toss in my handbag to take to freshen up my color. vermouth is the only lipstick i have ever been able to comfortably wear and i love everything about it!

Just right!

This flight is a great little wardrobe of lip colors for me, with a good choice for any occasion or outfit. They feel protective and nourishing on my lips. I am satisfied with the amount of product--no more throwing away half used expired lipsticks!/


What a clever reusable tube! I am completely hooked on Vermouth lipstick. I wear a different color everyday and love the fact that instead of 20 tubes of lipstick, my color of the day goes right into the on the go tube!

Great blend ability.

Love the originals. Pastels blend well with them. Will try the reds, hope for deeper colors.

Love this lip product and their eco friendly containers

I’m in love with the Nude bundle (my personal fave is Friday)! The On-the-Go Tube is perfect for my pocket so I’ve got my lips covered wherever I go. Thank you Vermouth 💜💜


This is my second Flight of Lip Crayons. I also have Revel Reds. I am truly blown away. Buying one flight and having them all work for me is one thing. Buying another Flight and having all of them - including the free gift - work for me is amazing!
I absolutely love the size and shape of each crayon. It makes for very precise application. The texture is dreamy. The lipstick is long lasting. I’m excited to apply my lipstick everyday! Can’t wait to buy my next Flight!

Love ALL

Love the ability to MIX the lipsticks and the natural look of the finished application


The colors are wonderful and long lasting. Great stuff.


Way better than buying individual lipsticks. These blend great!

Love love love

Lovely colors


This lipstick feels amazing, not sticky, tacky, dry and it stays on without flaking or drying out. Add the fabulousness that everything about this product is sustainable and recyclable, I wish I could get all my makeup from Vermouth. YOU GO WOMEN!

Color for everyday!

I'm known for my signature lips & am so happy with these! I'm able to play more and match each outfit just right. More options for me. Thanks!

Each day, a new color blend!

I am about 3 weeks into my first Vermouth pack- Beach Reads- and I am loving it! Each morning I open up the packet and choose a different sequence and depth of layering, usually use 3-4 crayons each day. I am having so much fun creating a new color, every day, based entirely on my mood! I work in healthcare, and I have found a little pop of color brightens the mood- my mood, and perhaps my patients notice, too. Not sure as they are tiny infants, but perhaps they notice! I am going back to Ireland in a few weeks to visit family and I have decided everyone needs a set of Vermouth lip crayons!! The 5-crayons packets will be light to pack in my carry-on and will be something my friends and family have not seen before in my small home town, for sure!!