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Lots of beautiful reds!

I love the color options and so many blends to come! Still wishing for a single/small box so I can take one with me in my clutch, but appreciate that all of these colors are in my wheelhouse now!

My “Go To” Gift

These lipsticks have delighted my female cousins, nieces and their daughters. Everyone finds a favorite shade and love the environmental packaging.

Easy to pack and I love bringing the best to my dear and loved ones!

I love this lip color!

I love the texture and the fact that it has no smell or taste!! We inevitably eat our lipstick and I really don’t like ingesting lip products with that “cosmetic-y” flavor.
My favorite shades in the BFF set are Monday Tuesday and Thursday: I want more of this! is it possible to get individual shades?

Lipstick stays on

Love the colors

Love the colors

Bleeds a little on me

Lovely lip crayons

The colors are beautiful and feel great on my lips.


I have trouble finding natural beauty products whose ingredients I can get behind, so when I read the ingredient list for the Vermouth lip crayons I was excited. Application is smooth, the colors are fantastic, and they stay put longer than you’d think.
I usually only wear lip color for special occasions, but I’ve been wearing these several times a week since purchased.

So light and wearable

I am loving my vermouth lip colors. I end up wearing lipstick more often because it is so light and moisturizing. I definitely love that you can blend all the colors to get that perfect shade for the day!

Great colors

Tuesday is my favorite

Love the texture and the way the colors go with my natural lip color! It's fun to blend the lip colors too. Also appreciate the therapeutic quality of the sticks. Will share Vermouth with my friends!

Love it!

saturated color

I really like the saturated color of the red lipsticks.

Something special for each day of the week!

The colors are amazing! I super love having something to make each day of the week special, it gives me a little pep in my step!

Decent, but could be SO much better

My boyfriend brought up a good point right away, the packaging suggests a certain type of clientele. They don't even come with any kind of protection for the tips. I received one broken. Not too easy to apply, meaning it's just not really consistent one day we'll go on just finding another day you really have to work at getting it a bit more. Colors are nice though, I probably will try mixing them too possibly.

Smooth and colorful

Love the way it goes on

Beautiful colors

Everything about these crayons is great. The color choices, the styling, and the lack of plastic is huge for me. I was a little surprised at the small amount of product. I don’t think it is the equivalent of one tube of lipstick but just starting using so i may be surprised. ❤️


I love the way Vermouth feels on my lips. Creamy never heavy and no taste! Thank you for creating this perfect lip color and packaging. You've made a new believer out of me that there is always something more to learn.

Great colors!

Read about this in the Seattle Times and am so glad I did. Nice to support local businesses and such a great product. Highly recommend!


I love the colors, and being able to mix them as desired. I love how they feel on my lips. 🥰

Happy but confused

I do love the lipsticks but am unsure how you push up more lipsticks in this paper tube?


I'm not much of a lipstick wearer. I've tried a few different brands, but don't typically get much wear out of them. Seems like I spend time applying and it's gone by the time I get to my event. I ordered this product because I'm trying to be more intentional about using natural/eco-friendly products and I liked the colors. I wore this lipstick for the first time last weekend and I'm so impressed by how long it lasted and how it felt on my skin!! A new favorite for sure!!

❤️ Love

Cool Love them so much, use them every day. Will be back A +++

My Final Lipstick!

I call this my final lipstick because I’ve found in Vermouth what I’ve been looking for since I started wearing lipstick 50 years ago. I’ve tried all the brand names and none of them make my lips feel moisturized like Vermouth and the color lasts all day! I also love that it’s all recyclable, nothing goes in our landfills. Thank you Vermouth!!

Colorful and Sheer!

When I opened the package, I felt so disappointed. All colors looked as if they were for someone else
I would never wear colors like this.
.especially the very dark ones. Well. I decided to try one
Surprisingly, it was perfect! It was very natural and sheer. I loved every color! The crayons were long-lasting. I love that they are not full of toxins and that everything is recyclable
Thanks for a terrific product!

Beautiful colors!!!

Beautiful colors! Last a long time on too!