Proprietor: Davidson Galleries


Seattle Art Dealer Sam Davidson has provided accessible and affordable art to the Pacific Northwest for decades, although his life has always been filled with art. 

Raised in Seattle, his mother served as a docent at the Seattle Art Museum and ran a frame shop on Mercer Island. Shortly after earning his Masters degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, he was brought on to oversee the inventory and gallery publications at Roten Galleries in Baltimore. 

With a desire to return to his roots, Sam and his brother moved back to Seattle to create a small version of the Roten model of traveling galleries. As his business evolved, Sam noticed the lack of art coverage in the local press. Together, with a small group of Seattle art dealers, they established First Thursday Art Walk to increase visibility in the community and introduce locals to new exhibits and artists. 


45 years later and Sam Davidson is still the thriving owner and director of Davidson Galleries. The gallery maintains nearly 20,000 prints ranging from the 15th to the 21st century, making it one of the largest art galleries in the world. 

The gallery is divided into two departments: Contemporary and Antique. New exhibitions are mounted every month for the First Thursday Art Walk. It hosts works by Francisco Goya, Eva Pietzcker, Richard Florsheim, Fumiko Suzuki, Mio Asahi, Rikio Takahashi, and more. 

“If you came every first Thursday for a year you would see new art every first Thursday,” says Miranda Metcalf, Director of the contemporary department. 


Davidson Gallery offers a unique focus on printmaking due to its accessibility and affordability compared to other mediums of art. Prices range from $150 to $60,000 further representing Sam’s mission of accessible art. 

“Everyone that works here is really passionate about what we do because we are part of a long tradition to connect people with art,” says Miranda. “We want it to be in someone’s home bringing them joy or making them think or reminding them of something that’s important to them.” 

With over 800 exhibits since it’s fruitful beginning in 1973, Davidson Galleries continues to inspire and bring together artists and art enthusiast locally and globally.