Proprietor: Marination Ma Kai, Marination Station, The Truck (Big Blue), Super Six

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Kamala Saxton & Roz Edison are the founders of Marination LLC. This is their proprietor story:

"Marination delivers Everyday Aloha. It has been our company motto and the foundation for how we operate since opening in 2008. In Hawaiian, the term aloha means love, affection, kindness and grace. We greet people and say farewell to them with Aloha. It’s our practice. It’s our culture. During some of our deepest, darkest days of starting a business, we never veered from Everyday Aloha. It is at the root of our value system, heritage and now business. Now more than ever, we believe the continental United States can learn from my people and start practicing, Everyday Aloha. Mahalo!" (Kamala Saxton)