Proprietor: Salare & Junebaby


Edouardo Jordan is the Head Chef and Owner of Salare and Junebaby. This is Edourardo's proprietor story:

"As I developed my menu and concept I pretty much put on horse blinders so there was no distraction in what I wanted. It’s a true reflection of the food that I grew up with. The biggest thing that I learned from my grandmother and my mom was flavor, and that was one of the blessings that I had going through the culinary world. I don’t know if it was my seasoning, my touch, or the love but for some reason I was able to make things taste better. The big thing that I wanted to do with Junebaby was educate people on Southern food. It’s more than the 3-4 ingredients that you typically think about, and it doesn’t always look beautiful. The history of Southern food is not beautiful, but we made the best out of nothing and we made it taste good. That’s my foundation for cooking."