Proprietor: Adam Tailoring & Alterations


Be Van Nguyen, owner of Adam Tailoring & Alterations tells Vermouth his proprietor story:

"I came to America with not one cent in my pocket. No money. Nothing. Only the clothes I was wearing. I fled Vietnam during the civil war by myself. My wife and kids weren’t able to come for 10 years after I did. In that time I found a job at a tailor shop in the International District and started saving to open my own shop. I had learned to sew when I was a young boy from my uncle in Vietnam. I opened my own shop in Pioneer Square in 1984, a small shop about 350 square feet. I called it Adam Tailor after a name I saw when living in Vietnam. I made everything from scratch -jackets, pants, overcoats, everything. But now I only do alterations. I’m too old and I work by myself. When you’re young, your eyes are good and your hands are fast. But I still work six days a week, maybe 10 hours a day for nearly 40 years now"