Proprietor: E. Smith Mercantile


Jessie Poole and her family brought the heritage of a small gold mining town in Southern Idaho to Pioneer Square in the Spring of 2013. This early Americana-style space is half store, half bar, and fully welcoming. 

Elmer and Mary Smith were their great-grandparents who instilled this true American spirit into the family.

"It’s a heritage that inspires us. It evokes images of family huddled around a wood fire, of young men and women on horseback through open fields, of community gatherings at the local “Hub”... It’s the true American spirit that is currently in a resurgence. We are tiring of a consumer culture based on disposable products. There is a shift in our country back to quality goods, crafted by hand, slow and thoughtful and beautiful... and we feel it." 

The family extends to the employees too. They take an annual camping retreat every Summer to relax and take a few days off from the hectic life of selling a rotating stock of goods, tending to a bar, and living life as business owners. 

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