Tastemaker: Lisa Cole


Style and Fashion Writer Lisa Cole is blessing us with her go-to favorites in the fashion capitals of the world. As the Style Editor for Vanguard Seattle and Writer for her own style blog, West Fulton Street, Lisa has made a living covering fashion news & events, runway shows, and boutiques. 

From fashion to food to fun, Lisa is sharing her favorite places with us on the Vermouth app and is revealing where she goes to discover the hottest and latest in fashion, beauty, and more.

“Designer consignment shopping is the secret to a well-dressed person that no one talks about. It has changed my closet!” 

Lisa's list of recommendations also includes Pipe and Row, Baby & Co., and Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique.

“[Sell Your Sole] always has a stylist on hand which is a huge bonus.” 

This slay queen is proof that you can be chic and fabulous at any age. 

Discover more of Lisa's favorite's in the Vermouth app. 

Tastemaker: Darsenio Hunter


Personal Trainer and Lululemon Ambassador Darsenio Hunter knows that great trainers have to be able to lead physically and mentally. 

"The key to a good workout is to keep smiling!"

Darsenio continues to inspire his community even when he isn't leading classes at Cyclebar South Lake Union or Rival Fitness in Capitol Hill. He once held a plank for 53 minutes, and did 501 push-ups in 30 minutes to raise over $4,500 for Breast Cancer Awareness research. He was featured in Seattle Magazine’s Feb. 2017 lifestyle section as one of “Seattle’s Top Trainers."

Darsenio knows that motivation comes in different forms for everyone so he's sharing his favorite places to break a sweat. Check out the Vermouth app to discover where this trainer does fitness. 


Proprietor: E. Smith Mercantile


Jessie Poole and her family brought the heritage of a small gold mining town in Southern Idaho to Pioneer Square in the Spring of 2013. This early Americana-style space is half store, half bar, and fully welcoming. 

Elmer and Mary Smith were their great-grandparents who instilled this true American spirit into the family.

"It’s a heritage that inspires us. It evokes images of family huddled around a wood fire, of young men and women on horseback through open fields, of community gatherings at the local “Hub”... It’s the true American spirit that is currently in a resurgence. We are tiring of a consumer culture based on disposable products. There is a shift in our country back to quality goods, crafted by hand, slow and thoughtful and beautiful... and we feel it." 

The family extends to the employees too. They take an annual camping retreat every Summer to relax and take a few days off from the hectic life of selling a rotating stock of goods, tending to a bar, and living life as business owners. 

Search for E. Smith Mercantile in Pioneer Square to check it out and find great other businesses in the area!

Tastemaker: Amanda Zurita

Amanda Zurita, Contributing Editor for Rick Steves Europe, has been traveling since before she could walk! When she isn’t sipping Mimosa’s in Spain or swimming the beaches of Italy, she can be found at Seattle's first hill neighborhood making pasta dinners or marathon watching TV shows with her four-year-old dog, Hadrian.

The Oklahoma native moved to Seattle in 2007 to study Latin and Communications at the University of Washington.  Her work has since taken her all over the world. Whether she's writing, styling, or traveling, Amanda has a knack for discovering the most wonderful and delectable hotspots.

One of Seattle's most influential tastemakers is finally back from an 11-month stint abroad and is letting Vermouther's in on her favorite establishments, both local and global. 

Check out her profile in the Vermouth app and take a tour of her boards from around the world.

Tastemaker: Jill Donnelly!

One of our incredible panelists from the Word of Mouth Branding event is also in our app! Jill Donnelly is the genius behind Baby & Company. When she and her husband, Wayne, took over the business in 2008, they revamped the store and transformed the declining sales into the Seattle icon it is today. Jill maintains the high quality and anti-volume mantra while providing new items every season. Go check out Jill in the Vermouth app! 


Tastemaker: Kyler Martz

You might have to wait six months to get a tattoo from him, but you don't have to wait to see his top recommendations!! Kyler Martz's maritime-inspired talent can be found all over Seattle through his murals, tattoos, and commercial work. Thanks to Vermouth, you can access his favorite art galleries and on-the-water restaurants. You might even gain inspiration yourself! 


Vermouth Launch is a Success!

CEO and co-founder, Jamien McCullum has brought "Apptivism" to the public eye. Since its inception, McCullum has been keen on ensuring Vermouth is a different type of business. The integration of philanthropy and business strategy is the concept behind "Apptivism" and McCullum intends to inspire change. With the announcement of the company's partnership with Planned Parenthood, many have rallied around the app's pledge to donate $1 for every download. The Seattle-based company Glassybaby has also agreed to match the first $50,000 raised by Vermouth through their White Light Fund. 

We will continue to look forward to the work that McCullum and his team have in store for us in the coming months!